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Did you know I have a sighted child?!?

Posted by on October 7, 2012

Because I did. I do.

But hearing those words come out of the opthamologists mouth last Thursday was enough to make J and I well up. Numerous times.

We knew Noah could see and his vision has really developed in the past month! He is a rockstar afterall! But just hearing it from his specialist validated what we have been seeing at home.

But she kept saying, he’s definitely sighted and everything he’s doing is typical for a 6 month old. I should have recorded it so I could listen to it at anytime.



Music to my ears.

(Sure he’ll have some deficits & will eventually need glasses for near-sightedness but still cause for celebration)

A great start to the day.

3 Responses to Did you know I have a sighted child?!?

  1. Betsy Marsolan

    Amazing! Our little ones just always amaze me. What wonderful news!

  2. Lisa

    Well of course! He looks right at the camera when he hams it up! Congratulations guys!

  3. Mom

    Naturally, just more evidence of what a superstar Noah is! Was there ever any doubt.,,,maybe? well, he continues to blow any doubt right out of the water!

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