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F&%$, it wasn’t the weekend

So I thought I was angry/annoyed before. But boy was I wrong in thinking it couldn’t get worse. It came to a head last night and I ended up calling John in tears long after I went to bed and should have been sleeping.

I put in almost 12 hours at work (we had a seminar) and was sick. I’ve been fighting a bug for the past few days. I come home, get ready for bed early and lay down to talk to John. Well, music starts pumping from a roommates room, no problem as it’s not 11 yet. I’m just a loser who goes to bed early sometimes…especially when John isn’t here.  Music shuts off around 10 after 11pm. Not bad. There is a lot of talking but that’s no biggie, I put on tunes and go to bed.

I wake to my walls shaking around 1a.m.  Then I hear Dr. Dre and Eminem. I think WTF!? You have got to be kidding me. It continues for a long while, I call John asap because I’m going insane.

Then another roomie comes up and asks when they are leaving because they are trying to finish stuff for film class and whatnot. Well they leave and it’s quite. I’m pumped. I finally get back to bed…more than slightly annoyed.

So now I’m sleeping soundly, only to be awoken AGAIN at 4-4:30AM. Now I’m pissed. I just did 1 sleep cycle since the last time bitchface woke me up. Love the nickname eh?! Isn’t it endearing. I’m fucking livid. This time I yell something rudely and put in my earphones and try to sleep. I don’t think they heard me though because of the noise and the level of hammered-ness. Whatever. Probably for the best.

Arguing with drunk people never goes in my favour. See previous posts. hehe

But seriously, who the fuck does that?! We all work. Yea, you just got back from a lavish Spain vacation and are probably jet-lagged but it’s WEDNESDAY night and people have to work in the morning. Hell, just give me a heads up sometime and I’ll go stay elsewhere. That’s the arrangement I’ve always had here with the guys… Grrrr!  Yea, I should have hauled my ass out of bed and did something but I really didn’t want to go there. I didn’t want an argument.  I was too sick and too tired to even haul my butt to the door.

I am just appauled at the lack of consideration though. I haven’t seen something like that before…ok, I have…but just once. 😉

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