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Good day all around

We finally got news today. The CDH7 mutation test on my amnio fluid came back as normal. I guess J got the call at 8:30am but didn’t tell me until he came home for lunch because the genetic counselor said he can’t tell me this over the phone. Probably right because I begged him to not leave me alone if it was bad news and if he came home mid-morning I would have assumed the worse. But I took the boys to a playgroup so we got home the same time as J so it wouldn’t have been a call I would want to take with people around either way. So at lunch he stepped out of the truck with flowers in hand and I noticed an envelope. I was confused but he came over and told me the news. I instantly crumbled into him and cried and said “Really?!” and more tears and said “I really thought this baby had N’s mutation”. I can’t even explain the feeling of hearing those words. I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying about it until I felt it lift away. I haven’t cried that hard since days and months after N was diagnosed but this time it was for totally different reasons and release of emotions. I know there could be some, but no surprises please, ok?

Then around supper time I could feel the baby going crazy in there so I put the remote on my stomach and it would bounce ever so slightly. Every time I put my hand on the baby will stop moving but not today. I felt it strong from the outside. It was a big kick/roll and had lots of pressure against my hand. I love this part of pregnancy.

So, I’ll put it out there we do 100% know what this baby is and I’m not revealing……now. Nana nana poo poo.

Instead family and some friends are getting these in with their Christmas cards so once all those are received and scratched I’ll reveal for everyone to know.

Boy or Girl ?


So until then keep guessing. 🙂


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