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Working with kids makes the hard days manageable

The title says it all.

Maybe that’s why I do it. Maybe that’s what keeps me going in my profession, even when I know I should have moved on in previous experiences. But I always stuck with it. It’s because of them.

Their little hands. Their smiles. Their hugs. Their tears. Their ever expanding imagination.

They are what make the hard days manageable.

Maybe that’s sort of ironic or whatever since the day is probably a “hard day” because of them. But at the same turn of the coin, it’s because of them I can keep going and manage.

I had a great day today at work. Got a decent amount accomplished but I still haven’t met “my” kids. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of them. All 12 of them.

I was just thinking about previous experiences. What worked. What didn’t. What I could improve on. A little self-reflection is always a good thing. It makes me feel refreshed and focussed. Like this is what I should be doing and just forget what people say/think about it and all the debt I accumulated along the way trying to figure my life out.

But as of right now, it’s figured out. I’m out here and about to embark on a new job that shows great promise. But no matter what comes my way I have John. I have my friends and family from far away.  I have past experience. I know that if things aren’t better, then it isn’t the end. It always gets better.

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  • Jillian

    u got my support girly, knowing that i can email you everyday keeps me going, u will do great with the kids and someday u will make a great mother :love:

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