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My First Born

28 months

I didn’t want anyone to forget this beautiful face during all this! He’s still his amazing self and growing like a weed. He is so big and the things he does and comes up with daily never cease to amaze me. šŸ™‚

We are now entering that toddler phase I was dreading. He went from having an amazing appetite and loving his veggies to no longer eating his supper, unless it’s pizza or spaghetti night. He’ll go to bed hungry before touching his supper. He’ll pretend to take a bite or a take a small one and before it’s reached his tongue it’s back out and he’s saying “yuck!”. It’s rather frustrating. One time he’s even woken up asking if supper was ready because he thought he was napping and he was that hungry. But it was morning.Ā He is so independent and stubborn. Headstrong isn’t a strong enough word for this little big man. But I must admit, I like the tenacity.

He is the best big brother I’ve ever seen. His empathy and understanding goes well beyond his years. He loves his brother so much. It’s his first question of the day and after his nap — “where’s Noah?” Ā If we are going to go anywhere he always asks or demands that “Noah comin'”. He claps and cheers louder than anyone else in the room. He gives him tickles and makes N laugh like no other can.

One evening he was in the crib with Noah one evening giving snuggles before bed and started to lay over him. I was worried about him putting too much pressure on the little guy but each time he moved or came in closer N would laugh and laugh. Sometimes it’s like E is the only other person in the room to Noah. He zones in on his movement and voice like there is no hearing or visual impairments. If only I could get that sort of response! šŸ˜‰

So other than being his brother’s keeper and sometimes the thorn in my side, he does the most awesome things. Maybe they aren’t funny at the time but looking back and thinking about it, it deserves a chuckle. Just not in front of him. I can’t let him know that I find a lot of it amusing.

Case en pointe, May 15th:

My Van Gogh strikes again

You do not need to adjust your screen. This is not an optical illusion of any kind. At 6 weeks N is painted in what I first thought was a Sharpie, but upon closer examination it was mascara. Washable mascara. Phew. But a reminder to all of you, this is what happens when all 3 of you go down for a much needed nap and the stealthy 23 month old wakes up first.

So, E has fallen in love with the movie “Cars” and now when we drive to Cowtown he won’t sleep. Instead of pointing out cows and eventually falling asleep he now yells at every transfer truck: “Mac! Mac! Mac! Come back” “Where are you Mac?!” Ā Thank you Lightning McQueen.

He’s coloured on walls and our floors.

He uses everything as his own personal trampoline.

Lord help the person who asks him if he wants to sit on the potty or puts him there. No amount of bribery, stickers, smarties or even Timbits will sway him.

He makes sure to tell me “wuv you Mom” every night before bed.

He gives the best hugs and kisses. The cuddles while watching a show areĀ unrivalledĀ as some of the best moments in my life.

He doesn’t miss a beat. He’s so observant. He bakes cookies (which used to be our coasters) but seeing him recreate how to make them I realize how much he takes in and doesn’t miss. He’s only dropped a bad word once, which is kind of surprising as I do admit to have some what of a potty mouth. Somehow he doesn’t repeat those and uses my “Oh dear” a lot instead! Phew!

I could write for days of all the cute, sometimes hair raising, things E does. But there are too many to put down and some of them I want to keep private and will just silently record (I’ll break those out on special occasions in the future).

But as everyone is following my other amazing little man, don’t forget about this amazing little big man. He’s growing and developing right along with us. Remember, he’s not even 2.5 yet (even though he’s the size of a 4 year old)Ā and he’s been thrown into this crazy world of syndromes and he doesn’t even realize it. I love how it’s all he knows and he thinks this is how it is always supposed to be. He doesn’t realize his brother is “different” from all the other babies and that other babies don’t have tubes for their milk. N is perfect in his eyes (& ours). If only everyone could have that innocence. It would remove a lot of stress.

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