Respite & Recharged

Today we took E to a science/discovery centre. We’ve wanted to go many times when we’ve been up here but we’ve never been able to fit it into our schedule. When the sign went up at the RMH that they had a family pass, we couldn’t turn it down. Eli deserved to do something new and fun since he has been such a trooper through all the days visiting N in the hospital. He’s been so great with the many Dr. appointments and trips to Calgary so it was only fitting to spend a Saturday afternoon with just the 3 of us doing something fun without worrying constantly about the hospital. He deserved it.

He was so enthralled with many of the exhibits and others he could give 2 hoots about. The floating balls were a big hit, as was the echo booth, and the drum station. Of course he LOVED the play structure, what child wouldn’t!?

I loved watching him explore and laugh and just be the busy 2 year old that he is! He only asked about N once and then followed it up with “he’s sleeping”, which he was when we left.

We would need another day to get around to look at everything but hopefully we aren’t in Calgary long enough to want to go back yet. I want to go HOME.

Here’s a few images from our amazing day. Too bad Noah couldn’t have been there with us. Next time.


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