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February 16th, 2012

Baby is the size of: Eggplant (~3lbs) & ~16.5″ long

Stretch marks?: More are arriving as we speak due to the position of this baby. Stop laying across the bottom of my belly and stretching! hehe
 All good in the neighbourhood.
Best moment this week: 
Eating Pic.tou County Pizza. Mmmmm.
Miss Anything?: 
Sussex gingerale would have been perfect with the pizza!
Convinced it’s another Norris in training
Food cravings: 
Nutella & Animal Crackers
Belly Button in or out?: 
It was flat but indented this week, due to positioning (if that makes sense)
Wedding rings on or off?: 
Always on.
New Symptoms?:  
Nothing new this week. It’s pretty steady.
Happy or Moody most of the time: 
99% happy, 1% moody
Looking forward to: 
My appointment with the OB on the 16th so I can see baby again and maybe see position as well.

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