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February 16th, 2012

Baby is the size of: Size of a small melon or 4 navel oranges (~3.3lbs) & ~17″ long

Stretch marks?: I think I’m up to 6 on the lower belly
Sleep: As long as the pubic bone and SI joint are aligned, no issues!
Best moment this past week: Seeing the baby quickly at my appointment and seeing it’s head down, but not engaged so who knows what position it’ll be in tomorrow. hehe Also, my glucose readings have been so good I don’t have to go back until 3 weeks. One less appointment!
Miss Anything?: I was supposed to have a NST at my appointment last Thursday but no one told me and I had E with me so no NST for me. We re-scheduled it for 2 weeks.
Movement: Here, there, everywhere!
Food cravings: Cheesies and raspberries! (But not together)
Belly Button in or out?: Flat as the proverbial pancake.
Wedding rings on or off?: Still having no swelling issues, so they are on!
New Symptoms?:  None. Tests came back inconclusive but I feel fine.
Happy or Moody most of the time: 90% Happy, 10% moody
Looking forward to: The mudding and sanding being done in the basement. So much dust. I figure by the 1st of March or so J will have that done!

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