• 2009,  Pics

    The tale of the disappearing belly button (Pt. 1)

    Here are some photos to go with the terrible description I tried to give you yesterday about my weird/disappearing belly button. My belly button used to be an outie MANY moons ago and became a sort of innie. It looked like an outie but was sunken in. Now look at it. The hard lip at the top is so weird and it’s like the belly button is trying to go up and in to hide.  See what I mean though, there is no button at the bottom anymore. Oh my poor navel! (lol)

  • 2009,  Baby A

    Wise Words

    I found this before we were pregnant and kept it because I knew how important it was going to be.  Now that we’ve had complications I see the importance of these little reminders even more so.  The non-bold are my words as I felt the need to comment on some, you know I like to “talk”. lol Trimester one (October 17-January 1) I will try to live the next 3 months without fear. (I was doing well with this until Nov 24 and on Dec 16 my fear left again) I will try to have faith that while I cannot see or feel my baby she is thriving. (This one…

  • 2009,  AB

    2009 Wrap-up

    So many people are bidding 2009 a fond farewell and kicking it to the curb. But I’m actually going to miss it… we actually had a great year (for once! hehe)! We survived all the mass layoffs in Alberta, paid down some of the massive student loan debt, we bought our first home, I watched one of my best friends get married, we are expecting our first baby….and we can’t forget about Scotia!! I’m actually going to be a little sad to bid it adieu but excited for the promise that 2010 brings! It’s looking like it’s going to be a good one. We are due for a little one…

  • 2009

    I’m still poking around.

    It’s been another ridiculously long hiatus on my part.  Life is really busy and things have been coming up.  I haven’t spent much time on the computer but hopefully that will change once this Christmas rush and such is over with.  I have photos for “photo of the day” but I just haven’t finished uploading them and honestly, haven’t been inspired or whatever enough to do it. I know it’s not that time consuming but I just can’t focus and want to do it.  It comes in spurts. I’m sure it’ll change here shortly and I’ll get all these pics I’ve been building up posted. Know that I am still…


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