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    Up on the rooftop (Day 118)

    I’m so proud of J. He’s petrified of heights/ladders yet he still climbed up and got our house ready for Christmas. The lights won’t be turned on yet for a couple weeks but it’s better to get it up now. While the snow and ice stay away and while it was still warm. We had issues with the icicle lights. Well the news one we got (the new ones are on the peak, where J is working in these pictures). Half the string would go out so he had to go back up and take them down to return them.  It happened to us twice. It was annoying. But CT…

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    Mmmm C is for Cookie

    J and I went to a local Christmas market over the weekend and among the many things we bought. I got these cookies.  The names of them have suddenly eluded me…of course, when I go to blog about them I draw a blank. It’s cinnamon-y goodness that was light as air. It was deep-fried I’m sure but so good. There were 6 and sharing them with J isn’t *that* bad. But it was a Christmas market so the non-healthy food options are readily available and ok.

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    I can’t believe that I *almost* forgot to tell you about this. Well show you. I get up yesterday morning and look out my window and what do I see?! Can you see it?! The GIANT flagpole in the middle of the neighbours yard.  Well it’s right in the middle but beside the sidewalk.  They mentioned they were putting up a flag pole but it’s not what we had in mind. We were thinking the usual one off the house or little one that goes by a garden. Not one you would find a school yard. Yowzers. Best part, it’s covered in Christmas lights. Can’t wait to see it all…


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