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    See that? See that line or shadow in the circle on my bedroom ceiling? It might be hard to see in the photo but it’s not hard to see in person. I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling one day after Noah passed and my eyes fixated on this spot. I began to wonder what it was. Where did it come from? How couldn’t I ever have noticed it before? It is on “my side” after all. Right above my spot really. Then it hit me. Like a Mac truck. I *know* what it is. I’ve had similar lines throughout my house in the last 6 years. Sometimes on…

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    Intense Love = Intense Pain

    Coming up on the first month of firsts since Noah and it’s getting so much harder. With each passing second I miss that face, that palsy smile and kiss, that awkward gait he had when he walked, those tickle fingers, and even those sneaky fingers creating mischief just a little bit more. Sadly, being part of the CHARGE community I have seen friends and acquaintances and strangers go through this immense loss and I shed tears at home along with them and always wondered to myself: How do you come back from losing a child? From this? Now I know. You don’t. You can’t. A piece of you is gone…

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    May 31st, 2018

    The last day of my old life. The day couldn’t have been more ordinary but extraordinary at the same time. Turns out it was Noah’s last day. I don’t even know how on earth I am typing those words. I honestly didn’t think it would be me. Noah was healthy. He was strong. He was happy. He was a troublemaker. He was amazing. And this day was no different. I’ve been replaying that day over and over in my mind. It is forever etched in there. This will be a pretty mundane post but I need to put words down of Noah’s last 24 hours before I start forgetting. I know I’m not going to remember…

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    E’s words for Noah

    Saying Elijah is devastated is an understatement but he is so strong. He was determined to read the words he wrote in front of every one. Here are the beautiful words he wrote for his brother. We will always remember you Noah. You will always be in our hearts. And we will always think of you every day and every night. You were always so funny. We all loved your toys and watching you play with your toys, especially alien. We liked the library books you picked and we will always love you forever in our hearts. I loved sitting beside you at supper, lunch, and breakfast. I loved how…

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    My words for Noah

    I could have written for hours. For days. There was so much I could say and that I wanted to say but I settled for what I needed to say. I wish I could have read these words out loud myself but most of the time now I can’t even open my mouth to speak. The tears just flow. My eyes hopefully telling every one what I want to be saying when my actual words are failing. Sorrow. Torment. Love. Thank you. One week ago today I was crawling out of bed to start our usual morning routine when everything came shattering down around us. I still don’t think it…


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