2005,  School Talk

D-day is Here

Well, D-day is here….and now it’s basically over. The paper is handed in….the biopsych is done….archaeology is over. I spent over 24 straight hours in my room studying….well, stopped for an hour here or there. Of course, the one I spent more time on and thought I would do well on, was brutal and the one I cried over was the easier of the two. Well, we’ll know how it all turned out in a week or so.

I gave up my weekend for the books….people would never believe it!!! Where’s the Laura that we knew before? And the kicker is, I spend 1-2 hours, 3 days a week in the library. That’s right folks, in the LIBRARY!! I never went into the one at Mount the whole time I went to school…except to cut through or go with friends. How time changes things…I guess people could say I’ve grown. 😉

Nothing else new…I think I need to take a nap…

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