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Delayed reaction…

So Dane and Meghan are gone. πŸ™ They’ll be in Korea in about 12 hours or so. We were surprised by having them come visit before catching their flight in case the weather got bad like was forecasted. Just a little flurries and ice on the cars last night but nothing really materialized. But, better safe than sorry right?! So once we made a bed for Meghan’s really tired Dad and her Mom we thought, “it’s wednesday…..half price appetizers….the Fox…” So off we went. hehe Disappointed with the supposed “candy apple” they gave us. Not even close AND it was expensive.

We decided to stay up with them before they left….which is a huge step for me because I never stay up to 3am-ish…ever! Not a problem for John who has had insomnia it seems. I cuddled up in my afghan and Meghan cuddled up in “her blanket” and we layed on the couch talking (while Meghan napped for about 30 min). By the time it was time for them to leave I was so exhausted I couldn’t cry. Best for everyone I think. I’m horrible at goodbyes. It was better for Meghan too….If I had cried she would have I think. So I just laid on the couch and got my good bye hugs from Dane & Meghan and then went to bed.

But it kinda hit me today and it sucks. πŸ™ On top of the goodbyes, I now realize I am alone in this town. Just me and John and I know no one else. I have no friends here anymore…who’s going to go to the mall with? experiment with drinks? etc etc. (lol) For the past 3 weeks I missed hanging out but I knew they were still in the province so that was different. I’ll miss my only girlfriend I had here. Have fun guys and take lots of pics….I love looking at pictures remember! But don’t send me any squids or any gummified seafood please! hehe

I’m sure the next year is going to fly by and we’ll have lots to talk about when they get back, so hopefully this year flies and is filled with fun. John will be graduated when they get back! πŸ™‚ With just enough time to jump in a car (or a plane…depending) and head to Hamilton for Kimball’s wedding. That’ll be a good time for sure. I’m so stopping in Montreal and going to La Ronde like we had planned all year this year and it never materialized. Rollercoasters it is!

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