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    Holiday Quiz

    1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper all the way. Although, gift bags with wrapped presents is ok too. Thanks for asking. hehe 2. Real tree or Artificial Fake? Real. You just can’t beat it! 3. When do you put up the tree? Before Christmas (lol). Whenever it fits into John’s exam schedule actually. This year it was up around the 8th. 4. When do you take the tree down? After Old Christmas. 5. Do you like egg nog? I hate that vile stuff!!! 6. Favorite gift received as child? I will have to admit my Jem guitar was friggin cool as was my Cabbage Patch kid, but I…

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    To S Claus

    Dear Santa, How have you been this year? I’d imagine you’ve been very busy watching all the children of the world. And it’s hard work to keep such a great beard and belly. Hopefully you are somehow keeping your cholesterol down because Santa just can’t be skinny. It’s not the way it goes here in North America. I’ve had a busy year. It’s been a long time since I’ve written so please forgive me I’ve been busy. But again, I think you know that. After all you are watching all the children of the world. Over the years you *may* have witnessed me do somethings that may qualify me to…

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    The “I’m bored Game”

    1) Answer the questions and type your answer into Google Image 2) Post a picture from the first results page Age at next birthday: Place you’d like to visit: (The British Virgin Islands…among many other places!) Favourite Place: (The best place in the whole wide world…my heart belongs in NS!) Favourite Object: Favourite Food: Favourite Animal : Favourite Colour: Place I was born: (If only Stellarton had a hospital….) Place where I live: (So close…just down the street) Name of Past Pet: (I could have used the naked black woman that came up but decided on this Satanic looking doll) Best Friend’s nickname: (Ironic on many levels) My Nickname: My…

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    What a day ;)

    What a day, what a day. The morning was awesome. The afternoon was awesome…that is until about 3:30pm.  Then came the bath in the bathroom. Someone decided to fill the bathroom as though it were a bath, almost 0.5-1″ of water. They were standing by the sink on the stool dumping water on the floor, just out of my sight. Then I see water go flying across the bathroom. ACK! A big mop and a bucket later it was swept up. It was then when most of the kids decided to lose their “listening ears”.  They sense when staff is a little stressed or when another staff is missing and…

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    Merry Grinchmas! ;)

    So this weekend John and I got our apartment ready for Christmas….well almost! We have our tree and we got it up and decorated! It’s just awesome. It’s so Christmas-y in here now. I just wanted to share my pics with everyone. I had a hard time deciding which pictures to choose but here is a taste. :santa: You can go to our photo gallery and see the rest of the pics at photos.myviewfromhere.com in the Christmas 2007 folder. I supposed that last part wasn’t necessary because you aren’t stupid but just in case someone is having a off day I’d thought I’d be obvious! hehe So the fun part…


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