2008,  TV Talk

Grey’s Night is back

The words I have been longing to say for months, Grey’s is back!

I wonder what is going to happen. Last we knew Bailey’s husband packed up his shit and moved into a hotel after Tuck almost died. McDreamy is going on a date with another…good for him, Meredith is a headcase. haha The whole McSteamy & Honn interaction is great….I’m glad to see Callie has a friend again. George & Lexi are getting a place…Get rid of that gross Izzie & George situation. Puke.

Ouuu I wonder what is going to be happening.

Are they going to write in McSteamy’s skin cancer from real life?! Hrmmm, lets see.

I can’t wait. I’m pumped! Woot woot!

I know, I may be a geek but still I love this drama.

So bring it on!!

PS – Lost starts back up tonight as well.

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