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Hello from Madhatter World ;)

It’s Friday. It’s finally the weekend. 2 more un-interrupted days of fun in the sun with my hubby. Oh I can’t wait! Who knows what we are going to do this weekend. Maybe Echodale. Maybe Calgary. Maybe back to Cypress. Maybe we’ll just stay in our neck of the woods. The possibilities are endless.

Ok, maybe not endless. Because if it were endless I’d be back in the Maritimes in the blink of eye. I’d be sitting on Melmerby or Parlee eating pizza and drinking Sussex gingerale. The ale may have some help from my friends of the Crown. 😉  Oh how sweet that would be.

People here go camping. It’s their “thing”.

Camping. I don’t “do” camping. It’s not my thing. My thing involves the ocean. Having access to flushing toilets and showers in the heat of the summer.

Not that I wouldn’t go camping. It’s like I’m going to have to since I live out here and that’s what people do. I’m sure I’ll love it actually. It won’t be like camping back home. Because mosquitoes here are basically non-existant. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen blackflies here either. But there are these annoying bugs, that I can’t place, that are everywhere. They flit/jump. They are small. But very annoying. However, the up side is that they don’t bite inducing a histamine reaction. So maybe I will like camping here.

Camping minus the blood-sucking bugs….hrmm, I could get used to that.

If camping led to bonfires I’d be game. I haven’t had a bonfire all summer. That sucks.

I love sitting around a bonfire with friends and an acoustic guitar. So nice. There’s the Maritime summer nights for ya.

I haven’t been up to too much. Hence the lack of blogging. I’m just a “house wife” the past little while. It’s just me and my baking utensils and yearning for a kitchenaid mixer.  It’s lonesome being here and not being out during the day to have human interaction. I feel pathetic at times that I just count down the hours until John comes home so I can have face-to-face human interaction. And God help the person that calls me. I just ramble. I put everything out there all at once. I can’t stop talking and explaining the bad luck I have and pondering what direction my life should take. It’s probably borderline pathetic. lol But again, I don’t care. It’s what happens when I’m here all day. I get a bad case of verbal diarrhea…and I apologize.

It’s actually similar to the problem I have when I’m working. I spend all day being patient and keeping my sailor’s mouth on the inside. So unknowingly I begin to curse like a sailor the second I walk through the door. It’s my release. My catharsis.

Actually there is linguists that say that the f-bomb is very cathartic to the body and mind because of the sounds of the word.  Just the abruptness of the word itself has a release when people say it. I don’t overly enjoy the word at all actually, but when I’m really angry and say it somehow makes me feel better for a split second. Ok, call me crazy, call me whatever but it does.

Well, I’m off to be Suzy Homemaker. I think I’m going to attempt to make rolls. Ack. Wish me luck. Maybe I’ll post my success or flop when I’m done. Fingers crossed people.


  • Jillian

    omg i have no social life either, i bought a crock pot of all kitchen appliances, i am starting to feel old and pathetic when i go shopping and i buy stuff for my house or kitchen appliances, man i need to start hanging out with people my own age. :happy:

  • Lisa

    Can you bake me some rolls??? Cookies would be good too…pumpkin loves snikerdoodles!!!

    You just wait until I’m home off work lady…we’ll see who can babble the most! Although I only have 200 daytime minutes so maybe we’ll need to set a timer or something!

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