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Houses and Babies

Babies and houses! It seems each time I talk to someone they are buying a house (which by the way, every person I know who is getting a house is getting it within 3 days of each other!) or is having/had a baby. When did I get this old?!? (lol)

One day we’ll have a house and start a family of our own but this definitely isn’t the time. We aren’t ready for that. Still want to be selfish and you can’t be selfish when you have kids. I do however, love that people I know are having babies so I can play with them and talk about them. I do love babies. I just know I don’t want one of my own at this moment in time.

I just feel so old that everyone is doing all these things and John and I are just talking about getting him through University then moving and traveling. Somethings aren’t even on our “radar” yet. I know that’s completely fine. Everyone is on their own clock…on their own schedule…I just sat down and was thinking about these things today and realized how many people we know are further on their schedule than we are. C’est ok though! It’s just a shock to the system.

I got an invitation for a group that is for my 10 year high school reunion. Frig, was it that long ago!? Sheesh. Craziness. I know it’s coming in the ’09…it should be interesting…if I’m around. However, it seems I’m right on track with my grad class. There are a few married. A few engaged. A few with kids. And I’m sure a couple with houses. But it’s no where near the masses of everyone else I seem to be in contact with. Which makes me feel a whole heck of a lot better that’s for sure. There isn’t something wrong or delayed with us. Phew!

So congratulations to all you first time Mom’s and Dads and home owners!! We are so excited for you guys. 🙂 Don’t take offense but we definitely don’t want to be you guys. Sure, we may be envious from time to time but that’s life. It’s what will keep us moving. We are doing our own thing and you are doing yours and that’s awesome. Keep it up!


  • Lisa Boutilier

    As one of the soon to be home owners I say…you have the right idea!!! G and I waited 3 years after we got married to get our house and I am so happy we didn’t rush into it. I can’t wait to host our first big house party and it would be so awsome if you guys are able to join us! Enjoy life, live by your own clock and do what’s right for your life (as someone who keeps getting asked about the babies thing..I can relate. I just bought a house to shut people up , you think that would make them happy! no now I need to be pregnant!)

    :cheers: Here’s to living life by your own rules, :drunk: here’s to the house warming party, :scared: here’s to the babies to come! lol :happy:

  • Beth

    Well, I can certainly relate to feeling like everyone else is ahead of you. I am still in school (hopefully will finish by end of July) and I am not married/engaged or with child. So I am so happy to be getting a house so that at least I have something to contribute when everyone else is talking about their weddings/babies 🙂
    So, I completely agree with Lisa, you do things at your own pace. For us, the most important thing was to get a house – so that we could get outside of the city and have a place for the dog to run around, but we think the wedding thing can wait. To each their own, eh?
    Enjoy your time together, without the stress of a MORTGAGE!!! :confused:
    And like Lisa, I hope that you will be down for a visit soon!

  • Lisa Boutilier

    DREW AND EMILY had a baby gil this morning at 12:48am!!!! She is absolutely adorable! I’ll send pics soon.

  • John

    Sometimes it is hard not to look at things and want something different, I always wish I was done school and that laura Could have her own Daycare and we could have a House….in one City…not constantly jumping around between Freddy and Moncton. But this is the hand that was delt to us and we are going to ride it out. All we can do is hope for the best and make the best of what we have and try not to get Jealous of where everyone else is and concentrate on where we are.

    congrats to Kevin….who is also a Homeowner as of July 5.

    I told Drew the Next time I saw him he would be a Dad….

  • buffy

    ppl have schedules? no schedules plz..i miss my freedom but what can one do, he was meant to be. And as for being old, which by the way u r older then me…haha..sorry had to. I have the opposite problem, You r the only one of my friends married almost everyone else is single and childless, while i liked it that way, now it would be nice to have some mommy friends …*sigh*..but i know u should enjoy ur freedom while u can and maybe even get finances in order before such expensive excursions. When its time for kids or houses u’ll know, or u know fate will make it happen anyways…schedules pish

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