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I Could Just SCREAM *@&#^

ARGH. I feel the need the scream and shake my prof violently. First off it’s a course I don’t like in the first place…it’s the one “arts” course I had to take to complete requirements. It’s a cumulative exam…well just the essays and we don’t know what those are so we have to study 3 textbooks and notes covering 5000yrs of information. Ok, if that’s not bad enough she tells us TODAY that we have to have ALL the IMAGES in our biggest textbook (400 pages) memorized for the exam. WTF!? Maybe you could have been telling us this all along so we could study/memorize them as we go. We must be able, not only to identify, to what it is, who made it, what is it’s significance, is it similiar to other artefacts, etc?! ARGH, so that has gotten me mad.

Well she is going to talk about the midterm on Monday!!! Not Friday because most people don’t come on Friday. So what’s the problem you’re asking…I can’t make it on Monday. I have an appointment with a specialist in Moncton at 9:30am on Monday. I’ve only missed 1 other of her classes all semester and I’m being penalized for it. “Well isn’t that too bad. There isn’t anything I can do. Maybe find the notes from someone.” Ok, not cool. I’m soo pissed.

I had to vent. Sorry. *sigh* What a great week it has been…*puke*

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