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It’s been awhile again

It’s been a little bit since I’ve given an update. Let’s see….what has gone on since Feb. 7th.

There’s less than 5 months until our wedding. It’s going to get hectic soon and I can’t wait!!!

Hrmmmm…. Oh yea! I got to visit my dress for the first time since it came in! All the worrying about the fit is now put to rest. It looks better than it did before if that is possible. The only sucky part was that my shoes won’t work with the dress. They were a smidge too low and I don’t want to have my dress hemmed. lol It’s ok, I found new shoes to wear and I love them…they aren’t pink like I wanted but heck, who sees my shoes anyways. I’m going to incorporate the pink in many other ways…well try too!

Next update: I’ve lost about 5lbs since February 1st. I can’t really notice it but the scale tells me so, as do some of my clothes. I may reach my goal for August…if not, it’s cool. I think I’d have a heart attack if I got that low on the scale but honestly, 9 more lbs may not be that visible or whatever. Ideally, 2 more lbs would be ok…the rest would just be gravy!

We had march break in there somewhere. We spent a few days in Moncton…got some wedding stuff taken care of. And we got to visit some friends and family and most importantly relax. Because the rest of the week had to be devoted to the books…BOOOO! What’s with the teachers booking 4 midterms for right after the break. But that’s done and overwith and I’m doing pretty well so far with the marks I’ve gotten back so far!! YEA.

Then I got to have Michelle and Jillian come up to visit me for the weekend. I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not but they came anyways and we lived it up! I really should have written the paper that was due today instead of drinking, going shopping and dancing! But I pulled a late night last night and got it done. I’m ready to drop dead but the Sopranos arrived in the mail today so I’m going to start watching them. 5 seasons to go!! (An early birthday present from John. The complete 5 seasons…man I’m so excited! Luckily I have a long time until I have *my* exams or I’d never get anything done!)

I’ll so post some new pics…I haven’t done that in a while I don’t think. Everyone likes to look at pictures.

Well have a good one everyone!!!

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