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Lucky Number 17

The title says it all.

17 has always been my number. Always a notable date and this is no different. It’s not really unlike the past 16 weeks technically but it stands out because it’s number 17.

I will post pics later.

But I’m feeling great within my own pregnancy and loving my new body (although I could do without the increase in the bust, that is pretty substantial thus far and only going to get worse. lol). I really enjoy having the belly and feeling the movement. I’m lucky in that I’m in tune with the body and have felt sporadic movement for a couple weeks now, I never made note on the exact day I felt the flutters but they are present. Not consistent yet and definitely not “kicks” per se but it’s flutters and butterflies. Especially at night when on the couch or just when I lay down to bed. It’s more of what they refer to as “quickening” right now. Some women feel it, some don’t. Second time Mom’s almost always feel it because they know what they are looking for. But I love it. Probably only a month or so until J will be able to feel it as well. 🙂

But I must admit, the belly button is doing weird things. It’s not popping, nor do I think it will. I just thought it would continue on it’s merry way and eventually round out. Not so much right now. At only 15.5/16 weeks I noticed the anomaly with the navel. It’s like half of it disappeared. Yes you heard right. Disappeared. It’s so hard to explain, maybe I’ll take a picture later to help with the description and compare it to a picture before I began incubating a child. The bottom of the navel is pretty much gone, flesh with the stomach (blends in very well) and there is quite a lip/ledge at the top. It’s like stretched hard belly button skin. It’s almost like my belly button is going up and in and trying to hide itself. hahaha

In a few days is J’s birthday. I have no idea what to get him for it either. I’m coming up a blank and I need to figure it out today. Not tomorrow or the next day. He’s at work all day today so I have the time to get out and find something but I don’t know where to start. Inspiration come find me and help me out!

So enough about me and our life. I had some devastating news the other day. My dear friend has lost her little angel. 🙁 She was due in August and we were going through this together. It was nice to have someone to talk to, share in the excitement with, and just not feel so alone out here. We were hoping and praying and wanting that miracle, that I was so graciously given/fought for, that would say everything is ok. I have shed so many tears for her, her husband, and their little angel. It is just so sad….

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