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My busy Saturday being a geek

Ok, now that I have time I can sit back and type about the small updates I worked my tail off on on the weekend. I’m sitting here struggling to stay awake waiting for John to come home from his last night class of his BSc. Eng. watching Grey’s reruns over and over so I thought now is as good of time as any.

It was like all day on Saturday while John was at group meetings. A new wordpress platform came out so I had to update my whole site. Then I did that and wanted to activate some new features. Sounds easy enough eh?! Well, not so much. The formatting on my blog didn’t let the new features do what they were supposed to so I had to break down and open up the .php files. So that involved me learning a bit more about .php. Fun stuff! What a way to spend a Saturday. Oh well, better than being bored. I love this stuff.

So after hours of work and almost giving up (ok I gave up but went back to it numerous times), I finally got it. I was so frickin’ proud of myself. If anyone could have seen how happy I was….it was great.

So the first thing I did after the update was to get the gravatars working. Those are the pictures in the comments section. Each person will/can have their own personalized picture. Makes it easy to pick people out and it’s just interesting to me. To get your own personalized gravatar go to gravatar.com and register using the email you typically respond to blogs,etc with. You can add other emails to the acct. as well and have different pictures for each email address if you so choose. But I definitely recommend that each and every one of you go and register so we can have cool pics on my blog.

Another big thing was the comments section yet again. I made it so you can thread comments so you can reply to a specific poster instead of just a string that people put together on their own. You can also reply to someone who has replied. That’s a bonus and another thing I want to point out!

The next obstacle also dealt with the gravatars but it was because they were in the wrong spot. They would not post where I wanted them to and no matter what I did, they were f*#$ed up. I gave up on them more than once and even tried to bring in outside help but ended up solving it on my own.

Then after the initial update it changed the comment section. I had to make it say “Leave a Reply”, “_____ number of responses to (Post name)“, and have the date/time in the proper format and colour.

Then I got the bright idea that I wanted to distinguish between everyone else’s comments and the authors (mine). So I pulled out the big guns and programmed away. And I did it. So if you note, when I post a comment it will be a different colour (pink) and bold in comparison to the others.

Another thing I managed to do after months is to format the quicktag buttons in the comment form. The buttons were always so big and whatnot but now they say what I always wanted them to, they are a cooler colour (that turns pink when clicked on), and they work!! I’m a genius. Another genius moment that I had was getting the emoticons to work once again. After the update they showed but when you clicked on them nothing happened. I don’t remember how I fixed but all I know is that I managed to fix it. Again, I’m a genius. 😛

There are other things I did but these are the major things that took up the majority of my time. Plus these are the things that reader would notice or it influences.

Yes, I’m just tooting my own horn but really I need it. Plus, I want people to notice and use the cool new features of my blog. More will be coming eventually I’m sure but this is the newest things that I am proud of. I may not be an Engineer or part of any special club but I am clever. I figure things out on my own and teach myself these cool, nerdy things. God, I’m such a geek!

But yea, those are the new blog features that I slaved over and use them at will. Enjoy!


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