2008,  random,  reflection


I’m nervous. I’m nervous for the phone to ring. I’m nervous for him. Somehow it makes me feel nervous for myself.

It’s quite the strange phenomenon.

It makes me question the future and wonder what it has in store for us. Hopefully the very best, but I’m not known for my good luck.

I’m the old cliche…if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have luck at all.

Oh well, whatever. It’s about time Karma decided to even the score to the “good side.”

It’s not just butterflies flapping around in my belly. It’s more. Whatever it is, they are going crazy. But at the same time it’s almost calming.

Why is it different this time? Why do I feel excitement? Why isn’t this like the other times?!?

Ay, ay, ay. I even confuse myself. I can’t imagine what you are thinking.

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