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One of those weekends…

…where it might have been better if I had stayed in bed and didn’t awaken AT ALL.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we.

I awoke Sat. am feeling weird but thought it was just because I had slept so damn long. Like we slept in until 11-11:30. Which is outstanding in our eyes. First time in a year or more. But we only have our new purchase to blame. A new mattress set, which by the way is HEAVEN in every sense of the word. It got delivered on Friday mid-morning so it was our first night on the new, memory-foam, pillow-top mattress. Firm but soft. Oh so perfect. Definitely 10000000000000000000+ times better than our old set which bit the dust almost 2 years ago but couldn’t part with the money to get a new set. Well, we bit the bullet and went for it. It was a deal we couldn’t pass up and man, it’s pure heaven. Come visit, if even just to try our new bed out. lol

Ok, now that was an unplanned mini-tirade. Back to why I shouldn’t have gotten up.

I was determined to cook J his breakfast that morning. He always takes care of me in the a.m. and now I wanted it to be my turn. I wanted to cook 2 ‘eggs-in-a-basket’ for him and hashbrowns.

Ok, so it’s here where my day takes a turn. Only 20 min in my day at that.

I heat up my cast skillet to cook the hashbrowns first since that takes the longest to cook. Well, they start to stick no matter how much oil I put in…but then the metal spatula fixed that up right away. Half way through cooking those I decided we should have some sauted onions with it so J dices those up quick. On goes another burner and I cook those. I heat up the other frying pan to grill the “eggs-in-a-basket”. Well, while I was doing this I hadn’t stirred the hashbrowns recently so you can guess what happened. Yup, you guessed it. I charred them. Sounds better than burnt the bottom ones, eh?!

I add the onions to the hashbrown skillet and turn the burner off and start to tend to the pan for the “eggs-in-a-basket”. Oh wait, I need lots of butter to cook these so I use the little bit of the margarine pad I had left from baking. So in goes the egg after I toast the bread a bit and more of the egg comes out than I was planning but oh well, no big deal. I flip it in just enough time. Enough time=just starting to charr. Oh crap, I now see that I had the heat on too high and I’ve burnt the butter I’m cooking with so it’s only a matter of time before the sandwich burns. Yep, it burnt. God I suck. J doesn’t mind the charred flavour so I promised to do better on the second one. Better in my eyes, not his. I cleaned off the pan and turned the heat way down. I needed to add more butter to cook with but I didn’t have an open margarine pad left. Oh well I thought, I’ll just use the margarine tub. I take it out and start scooping out some margarine. Did I happen to mention while all this is going on, J is on the phone with his brother and Kelli congratulating them on their engagement. I see smoke coming from the burner that I put the margarine container on (can I point out as this point in time that this was a brand new margarine) so I yell expletives. J comes running and sees me peeling the margarine container off of the burner–the burner I thought I had turned off… I turned off the hashbrown burner and not the front one I used for onions. Grrrr! Off goes that burner and back on goes the hashbrowns. All the while I’m cooking the second “egg-in-a-basket”. I delegate the task to him to take care of the margarine and I focus on his sandwich. I flip it. It’s perfect! Wait a few secs on that side and remove from heat. Perfection. We can now eat.

What a drama-filled morning so far. And I *must* point out that I never burn things. J can vouch for this. I never burn food and I don’t burn plastic on burners. Like seriously, wtf is going on. Was I in a twilight zone or something?

So we need to go out to Superstore. I’m not feeling so good at this point so I refuse to drive. J’s in the drivers seat. So we grab the half-round table I had been eyeing and a few essentials and by this point my head is SPINNING. I feel lethargic. Just plain gross. I cling to J’s arm like it was my life line. I get home and take some tylenol and lay there. Watching movies/tv/whatever it was we were watching. lol I need to get better because we had big plans to go to Echo Dale park on Sunday.

I awake on Sunday and feel 1000x worse than Saturday. My head is on a tilt-a-whirl that my body wasn’t invited to. I take gravol and eat any lay down. Afraid to move. I have a serious ass groove on the couch now. Well, it’s more of a body groove. I had a short nap in the afternoon when J ran some errands to get me a snack and I still felt like garbage. It continued ALL day until about 8:30 pm. We went out for a drive so I could at least say I got out of the house. It was a beautiful evening. J showed me Redcliff and we drove around the city. I got a treat. A delicious caramilk bar that I couldn’t taste…my tastebuds didn’t seem to work, so that was a bit of a disappointment…ok it kind of enraged me…but I dealt with it.  But I could taste J’s slurpee from 7-11. So I had a small bit of that. We came back and played Wii and watched tv until bed time.

So there was my twilight zone weekend. I’m still feeling weird today but no where as weird as yesterday. So there you have it folks. It was messed up. Something to look back at and laugh I guess. It would have been a whole lot better to happen on a week day so I didn’t ‘waste’ my weekend with J. But at least it was this weekend and not next. Next is a long weekend and we are going to Calgary.


  • Lisa

    Oh man….what a weekend! :confused: Let’s go with the illness made you burn it, and melt the marg. tub…. I hope you are feeling better today!

    • Laura

      It took me a few days but I finally got better. It makes for a funny story though, don’t you think. Just when you think something else can’t go wrong…it does. One of life’s big lessons.

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