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2 viruses later, I’m back

Wow, this is the longest I think I’ve gone in a while without a post. 2 WHOLE DAYS! lol But I must admit, I sick and more importantly I had caught a virus on my computer and I couldn’t use the internet browser sometimes, or when I could I’d get pop ups. It was annoying. My virus scan caught the original virus but this one in particular caused .dlls to start up and this is what was playing with my laptops emotions.

I thought I had it fixed within a couple hours but as soon as J came home it started going bonkers again. I found the 2 files that were causing my problems but I couldn’t delete them. They were in use. Then even in safe mode they were in use.


I didn’t know what to do as I don’t have a floppy drive to run a boot disk and my cd rom wouldn’t boot from the windows XP disk. I was beyond frustrated and was trying everything so I wouldn’t have to wipe my computer. I do NOT want to have to wipe this. So I slept on it and went back at it yesterday morning.

I finally got the craptop to run from the windows disk and within 2 minutes I had isolated and deleted the 2 measly files. It was done. Over. Vundo virus=abolished.

So enough about that…but that is where I was.

I heard the most disturbing story this morning. It shook me on the inside. All I’ll say is that it involved a Greyhound Bus from Edm. to Winnipeg and a complete lunatic.


Buses should have some sort of safety aspect to boarding just like planes. At least a metal detector or something. This just adds to point.

It just made me think of all the times I took the bus. I was anticipating my arrival to where ever I was going and excited just to be on my way. Listening to music. Watching movies. Completely trusting that I was going to get where I was going safely. Sure there are always sketchy people but I never think dangerous people. Dangerous people that would attempt things on buses.

It’s so random who you are on a bus with.

So completely random.

Things like this make you rethink things that you thought you already knew and already have done.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


  • Kathryn

    I just read that story in the evening news this a.m. Quite disturbing to say the least. Can’t even begin to imagine how a person gets to be that “disturbed”, “wacko”, whatever you want to call it.

  • Jillian

    as a new social worker, i can only imagine the supports that the family will need and also the people on the bus will need therapy for a long time. its so tragic that someone would just lash out like that. i almost think that there needs to be some type of security measures put in place for buses such as airlines

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