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Our 1st Married Christmas

Well, it definitely wasn’t what we had expected and it has been bittersweet to say the least. Our heart was elsewhere but we tried to make the most of it and we succeeded for the most part…just a few “alterations” to our plan. We spent one afternoon in Moncton and then were back in Freddy. We are going to celebrate Christmas in Nova Scotia sometime soon….we all hope anyways! 😉
Again we had a big Christmas dinner just the two of us. It was a candle lit Christmas dinner by the tree. We had soooo much food. Unlike Thanksgiving we actually used a table and not a coffee table! haha I made apple pie and apple crisp and John made haystacks! 🙂 We watched Christmas movies and snuggled on the couch.

We did open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was one of the gifts from Mary. It was a set of books that were filled with great Christmas tradition ideas. 🙂

We were like little kids and couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve. We almost got up at 4 to open our gifts but we kept forcing ourselves to go back to sleep. We eventually got up at a decent hour (& were exhausted) to open our presents. We were spoiled to say the least!! So much kitchen stuff, candy, clothes, and all the good stuff Christmas brings. We had a big breakfast and relaxed for most of the day before leaving for Moncton.

I don’t want to take the tree down….can’t we leave it up forever!? haha We are leaving it up until Epiphany is over then it’s gotta come down. John wants to do a tree toss (like MuchMusic) and throw it burning off of the balcony. As much as I would love to be homeless in the New Year, I think we’ll toss it MINUS the flames! hehe Any bets if we will get all the ornaments off before throwing it off the balcony? (I say no. One always gets left behind).

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