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Took my breath away

Today I had a moment. A big moment. Almost life altering, but not quite.

It just struck me.

In the most inopportune time too.

We went and sang at the Veteran’s Health Unit today. It was awesome. They really seemed to like it (they being the residents).

But afterwards we had a tour and met some of the residents that couldn’t/didn’t come out to the ‘mini’ concert.

We were in one man’s room and he was such a kind soul.

A happy soul. I could feel it from the moment we walked into the room.

He somehow held me captivated.

He was sad he missed the show so we sang a song for him. We sang “You are my sunshine” and he even sang along. There was something about his voice. It stopped me in my tracks. The way he was around the kids and his voice, it reminded me of things I thought I long since forgot.

It took me back to years ago. I once had a Papa a long, long time ago. I once had a Gram (still have a Nan) not that long ago, and this man seemed to capture both in one. I don’t know what it was or what I felt that got me so emotional. But my eyes weld up. This man fought for our country & deserves much more than we could give….or is this exactly it.

The chance to never forget. The chance to remember what it was like in the younger years. A chance to be a kid again and see the pure innocence and happiness that exudes from a child’s face.

We were also introduced to the residents who came out to the ‘show’ and shook their hands and said Hello. The young child (i.e. just 2yrs) I was carrying began reaching out for these old guys hands with a big smile. Oh the hands. Such a small, young, and tender hand reaching out for a wise, aged, tattered hand…it was perfect.

I love the hands of the elderly. They tell stories, ones for the ages. It’s the one thing I will always remember of my Gram. Her hands. Her beautiful strong, yet feeble, hands that mended my mittens, sewed Cuddles head back on, baked cookies, cleaned turkeys, stirred my tomato soup. There is just something about the elderly’s hands.

I can’t believe some shudder to be old. Embrace it.

To hear someone say, they used to be so beautiful…. well, I say the beauty is still there & the children see it. They know. I know. There’s no “used to be beautiful”.

Just open your eyes.

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