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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So for the first night in a long time I came home from work and felt like I had to talk to someone.

Msg my mother. Not there.

Call a few friends. Get voicemails.

Facebook is boring.

The net is boring.

I’m tired of playing the Wii.

I should go for a walk but I sit here….waiting.

Waiting for what you might ask.

I don’t know. Waiting for shit to work itself out. And work itself out right.

I think I may not have that place I fell in love with and it really bums me out.

Mom is unavailable at the moment.

He’s excited. I’m panicking.

So what do I do when I’m sad, panicking, and having fun all at once? Turn to the blog.

It’s the only sure fire thing at all hours. Turn on the CPU and connect to firefox and here it is waiting for me.  I am craving human interaction but that seems to be going by the wayside.

It’s all about emails, text messaging, facebook.

What happened to ‘dropping in’ or the telephone?!?  I’m not that old now, c’mon. Things haven’t changed that much. I still crave actual human interaction not this information superhighway blinking to let me know someone is thinking of me and wanting to talk to me.

I have a telephone. I’m alone in F’ton with no one around so it’s not like anyone would be intruding, but people already know this. I’m guilty of this as well. Using the internet as a means of avoiding long phone chats, and even having to carry on a conversation with someone. But it seems like it is the ‘go to’ now and not the back up as it once was.  Why is that?! Life is too short to sit back in front of a computer monitor “communicating” all of the time.

Does anyone even remember snail mail and receiving letters? There is more to the Canadian Postal Service than bills and political notices. Getting ‘real mail’ is fun and exciting. Maybe that is just me though…

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