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Wasn’t that a Party?!? :)

Wow, what a weekend we just all had. 🙂

We went out on Thursday to get daiquiri’s at Mexi’s and sat out and watched the people and cars go by. I missed that. Hopefully we’ll go again soon too. The cars doing ‘mainers’, the breeze down mainstreet sweeping the bugs away, the cold slushy beverages. Mmmmmm People haven’t experienced Moncton until you sit down Main St.

Jill and I had a blast out with John, Peter, & Mike on Saturday. We went to the Voodoo (insert dumb radio ad song here…you all know it). We started off here at the house and then headed out. I haven’t been out dancing in MONTHS and I actually missed it. lol However, I could have went without the feeling I awoke with every 3 hours that night. And no, I did not throw up! Someone else might have though….and their name isn’t John. I’ll give you another guest. hahaha It didn’t stop us though because we are hopefully going to head out this weekend sometime.

John may actually get a vacation day and be home before the sun sets! That would be nice eh? I may even get out on Chris’ boat this week. That would be pretty sweet. It makes for a long day when John is gone for 14-16 hours at a time, put in his sleep that is our 24 hour day sadly. We are going to have our vacation soon….Disney here we come! 🙂 🙂

There are only 51 days left…..

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