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    Another gender test prediction

    Last time I was so sure E was a boy. My dreams said boy. I had no doubts I was having a boy. This time I’m not as certain so I’m having fun with all the old wives tales and gender prediction things.  My dreams and initial reaction after finding out I was pregnant was girl. Then I saw the bean on the u/s and instinctively started calling it “him/he”. Is it because I already have a boy or my mind trying to tell me my dreams were wrong. I guess we’ll find out when we find out. But, the test today involves adding a spoonful of baking soda to…

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    Gender Predictions

    Every Old Wives tale and gender prediction “tool” & theory that I’ve come across.  We are undecided on whether we are going to find out what we are having, but it’s always fun to guess either way. Most is hoccum and there is a 50/50 chance, but fun nevertheless. Needle Test: Swings in circle: Girl Swings like a pendulum: Boy Result:  Girl  Chinese Predictor Chart Result: Girl  Craving sweets: Girl Craving sour/salt: Boy Result: Girl Morning Sickness: Girl Very Little/No Morning Sickness: Boy Result: Boy  Heartrate over 140: Girl Heartrate 139 or under: Boy Result: Girl  Warm Feet: Girl Cold feet: Boy Result: Boy  Lay on your right: Girl Lay…

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    Labour Day Weekend Slideshow (Pt.2)

    Well here is the along awaited rest of the pictures. This isn’t all the pictures from the weekend but the majority and the best of the best. 🙂(PS–it takes a while to load, so you might have to be patient….so be just that.) (PS–it takes a while to load, so you might have to be patient….so be just that.) More to come later…..maybe…. 😛

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    Birthday 09

    Well, another birthday has gone to pass and it was a good, well make that great, weekend. So as I sit here enjoying my last piece of birthday cake, I reflect. It may have gotten off to a bumpy start but it can’t be helped sometimes. Some people are just strange and frustrate me. J did try to make the best of it for me though since it is the first year we are alone on our birthdays.  We went out to grab some food and drinks, I got a phone call from my Mom and my brother in BC and watched playoff hockey.  It was sweet. We were going…


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