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Week 1 Comparison

First Week

Other than the lighting difference there are a few differences.  People may not notice but I definitely have. Just ever so slightly.

See if you can spot the differences. It’s like those games in the newspaper where you have to circle differences between 2 very similar photos.

Answers can be seen below! 😉

[spoiler]1 – Yes my teeth are slightly whiter. Hard to tell in the photos since the first one had no flash and crappy lighting

2 – Look at the tooth beside my protruding front tooth. It’s out ever so slighty. It’s not hiding behind the big tooth anymore.  Soon the big tooth will be able to go back since there isn’t a tooth hiding behind it

3 – Biggest change is the level of my front teeth. They are closer to being even at the gum line. How do I know this, you ask. Well, look at the wire and brackets on my front 2 teeth and compare. They are almost in a line now unlike Day One. [/spoiler]

Ok, I think that’s it. Did you find all 3? hahaha

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