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About Me

Here I am! The handsome man beside me is my husband, John. 🙂 (way back in 2005)

I am coming from where ever our nomads hearts are at the moment.

I am an ECE/Youth care worker normally. I graduated from MSVU in 2003. I am now back at UNB grabbing a psych degree so I can obtain my dream job, to become a Childlife Specialist. I have plenty of “psycho babble” floating around in my head. hehe


Wow, have things changed since I’ve written this little blurb!

I’m no longer at UNB and now have my ultimate dream job. Being a mother. I’ve been married since 2006. I have a beautiful, but slightly crazy, chocolate lab named Scotia. I’m now living it up in the wild, wild west. Cowboy country. It’s not “home” that’s for sure.  But it is my home. For now.

This is our lovely family (minus the pup & BabyA v.2012).

I will get around to updating the family photo eventually. But, don’t hold your breath! 😉


I still love the Toronto Maple Leafs, Metallica, the Merb, Laughing, amongst many other things. J, my family, and friends are the most important things in this gals life, so don’t mess with them! hehe

I commend you for following along in my bizarre and sometimes boring tales in this thing I call a blog.

Feel free to drop me a line at laura[at]myviewfromhere[dot]com. Sorry no direct links here…I hate spam and spammers so if you want to reach me and you don’t know my other emails, you will have to type it out!