This week has been hard.

There has been lots of big feelings. I did however step out of my comfort zone Tuesday evening to go to a meeting with other local Moms who lost a child. I almost backed out. The kids were wild (made me late) and my anxiety was off the charts. Those who know me well know I struggle with social anxiety and being with people who I haven’t known my whole life. I’m awkward. I’m shy. I struggle with small talk and eye contact but I put one foot in front of the other and went and I’m glad I did. It was just what I needed. <3

Today is hard. Tomorrow will be and the day after that and after that but today, was hard but happy.

Today the Noah Ashton Resiliency Award was introduced at the boys’ school. For those wondering, I did go but I didn’t go stand in front of the school. I stayed seated in the back with Oliver who didn’t want to go up either.

As soon as the slide was put up at the assembly our younger kids were so excited. Cheers of “Noah! There’s Noah!”, “Look it’s Noah!” Eli immediately started to cry. John and I breathed deep and felt all the big feels. Eli’s been anticipating this day for weeks and wondered if he’d make it through this year and worried he wouldn’t. He did it. He didn’t have to leave the gym after hearing the principal talk about his brother. It was really hard but I’m so proud of these guys. #smallvictories

Mr. K had great things to say about our Noah. Just hearing his name being spoken in front of a crowd and how amazing of a little man he was made my broken heart soar.

So let me introduce Noah’s school legacy.

Noah Ashton Resiliency Award

Resiliency defined: the capability of an individual to recover and grow through challenges.

Criteria of the award
The recipient will demonstrate the attributes of:
Loving & Caring
Inquiry/Problem Solving
Positive/Optimistic Outlook

And introducing the inaugural recipient of the award.

All the feels. We had no idea. He kept saying he hoped he’d win and we told him he wouldn’t because we would know and we don’t know what grade it is for, etc. Then we heard Mr. K say his name and off he ran. I wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t even have my phone out and ready but reading the criteria, and maybe I’m biased, I couldn’t have picked a better recipient. Their names will now be forever linked in the halls of WLC. <3

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