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Gone again

Well, Christmas has come and gone and I’m back to work.

Everyone is asking about my Christmas and how it was.

My answer.


Good….but different.

It’s hard to explain. Don’t get me wrong I really loved getting to spend the holidays with J and to lounge on the couch for days on end eating the candy & chocolates I got for Christmas and watching movies. And maybe enjoying an alcoholic drink every now and then. I got lots of amazing presents from here, afar, and from J (he did really good picking presents) and we had an amazing turkey dinner with lots of home baking but it was different.


No friends.

No family.

Everyone busy with their own lives and schedules.

I did get to talk to our parents and one of my brothers so I’ll take whatever I can get. But it made me decide that if we can’t get home next year I will be going somewhere else…somewhere hot and sunny or something. And I will take some time off. Extra time to hopefully spend with people.

I will post pictures and what not of our Christmas soon.

There is just no real point of this except to point out our different Christmas that I did thoroughly enjoy.

And wish you all a happy holidays season!  Only a few days left until the holidays are over. *sigh*

Which leads me to our next “issue”.

New Years.

What are we going to do?

Probably nothing as we don’t really know anyone here.

But we’ll find something I’m sure.

Work until 5:15 on Wed (New Years Eve) get Thursday off (New Years Day) and back to work for Friday (Jan 2). God how do I get so lucky.


  • Meghan

    Haha you should come work in Korea. It appears we have the same schedule lol. Oh and I have to work on the 2nd because Dane has to. If he had it off I could stay home but he doesn’t so I don’t either. Makes a lot of sense huh? 😛

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