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Photo Shoot at the Teepee (Day 61)

Posted by on September 22, 2009
Day 61: Photo Shoot at the Teepee

Day 61: Photo Shoot at the Teepee

Well, here’s a shout out to my girl, Jillian.  I loved having you here.

You need to move here.


Consider it.

Newfoundland is too far away and J and I can’t move back East for at least another 4 years.

I miss having you around every day.  Especially today….it was a stressful day.  J is at a meeting and I’m just sitting here watching the Leafs in overtime.  You could be cheering right along with me and maybe having a drink. I can’t drink alone, it might mean I’m an alcoholic. hehe

But seriously, how could you not want to live here. It’s flat as shit, giving us big beautiful skies that seem to go on forever. We have beautiful mountains just up the highway. Really cheap electronics and alcohol just down the highway. And me.

I’m sure Meghan is agreeing with everything I say. Right Meghan….Jill should move to AB in June?!

We could have more photo shoots like the one we had on this day.  I have so many pictures of the teepee.  We rocked it. Maybe I’ll make a montage or slideshow of just our trip to the teepee that day.

Holy shit! That was a beautiful shootout goal I just witnessed. Wahoooo! You would be cheering at your screen at this very moment. Fingers crossed. 2 more to go.

But, back on track. Jill I miss you. J misses you. I’m sure Meghan misses you. So just appease me and think about it. You deserve one rocking party here in Cowtown and you better come back SOON to cash in on it….there is a Burger King crown with your name on it!

3 Responses to Photo Shoot at the Teepee (Day 61)

  1. Meghan

    I miss you a lot too! You should totally move here asap. Remember we have Burger King!!! 😀

  2. Jillian

    :$ now you just made me lonely, and im totally missing you too alot

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