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Day 111: Christmas lights in October?!
Day 111: Christmas lights in October?!

We couldn’t believe our eyes.  It’s Hallowe’en night and people turned on their Christmas lights as soon as the kids were gone and the pumpkin candles were blown out.

It just blew us away.

Isn’t it a little early!?

I guess not for many “Mad Hatters”.

So many people now have their lights on, almost 2 months early. It’s flabberghasting.

Why on Earth!?

Remembrance Day isn’t even over people!

So we may be the only people on our block soon that do not have Christmas lights on until at least Dec 1.  We might try and hang them this weekend while the weather is still nice but we won’t be turning them on, other than to check that they all are still working. And they’ll go right back off again.

It just doesn’t seem right to me.

Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year but some of that has to do with the anticipation of many things. And each year, it seems to get earlier and earlier. Why!? It just causes people to spend more money on things they necessarily wouldn’t have spent it on some moons ago.  It’s helping feed the gimmick that is becoming Christmas in the retail world.

Still. in. shock. 11 days later.


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