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Well It has been almost two full weeks since I have broken my ankle. And let me tell ya, getting around on crutches when you are a big man…..and baby I’m a big man. Other than that its getting easier to get around.., I was actually excited to get new crutches today….I never realized how much lighter they were than the wooden ones. This might actually be a blessing in disguise. I mean sure im going to lose money this summer for work, but I’m lucky that I am still able to have to have a job.. But the blessing is that I think I am actually losing some weight. It’s not like I can go to the fridge and get whatever I want whenever i want. What I can carry too is limited. So we will just have to see where this takes me in June when I can walk on my own two feet again.
I have been getting out of the apartment..Nothing huge just trying to build up to next week. The first week back at school. I did go for a bit the other day just to get some assignments and hand other things in, and it nearly killed me. But today we went to the Snooty Fox (sorry Jill, LOL) and it was so good. They gave me lots of room and a extra chair to put the bum leg up on. So its all good but this treatment is going to take some getting used too.
As for whats coming up in the near future. Well on Monday I am actually getting the plaster cast removed. In its place there will be some sort of walking boot…im sure I will post pictures of it Monday. But i am also going to get the stictchs from the surgery out and my first round of physio. It should be a blast in a half. I can move my foot around somewhat in my cast since the swelling has gone down and I can feel how tight my tendants are…I can’t wait. Well i think that is all for now…I must get laura to read this over and edit it.

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  • Lisa Boutilier

    Hey John,

    glad to hear that you are feeling better! I sent you that email today…I’m sorry that I didn’t get it to you sooner.

    Talk to you soon,

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