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So this game is highly addictive. I’ve played for 5 min and got 15 or something… 35 more to go.  But I don’t have time. The repair guy is going to be here in a minute to fix our furnace/ac…. yes, it’s a new house but whatever, it’s covered bumper to bumper for a year. It’s like they said when we moved in, “you are bound to find things wrong….just make a list.”  Well, big thing. Turn on the ac and lo & behold no furnace. A short. A short that was easily fixed, the electricians messed up a ground outside on the ac unit so the guy is gone to get the supplies. Good as new soon. Ok, back on track since I only have a minute.

There are 50 movie titles hidden in this puzzle.  As I said, I’m at 15 in 5 minutes. I don’t think I’m going to be able to find/figure out all 50 but I’ll kill myself trying I’m sure. hehe

Cryptic Canvas


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