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We have trees

So our desert…I mean backyard..it’s now just a little less barren. We have 2 trees now in the ground. Still nameless though.

We may just go with a simple play on words and call them “Crabby” and “Debbie”.  It’s kind of fitting since it’s a crab apple tree and a Deborah maple. But if we can think of something better, we will change it. It might just be temporary. But good enough for now.

So without further ado, here is Crabby and Debbie.

PS – The burn is nothing like it looks. It’s just red. No pain. Weirdest thing about it all…my face is still pale as it was 3 days ago. Doesn’t make much sense considering my chest is also red…but not my face.


  • buffy

    the burn looks so. ..cooked…hot…glad it doesn’t hurt, wear sunblock, and if u do apply more often missy, ur living in the only hot spot in canada. John looks like hes been getting some colour himself, only not so red

    • LJ

      Oh I do wear sunscreen and it’s rare for me to turn red like this. I don’t think it happened once last summer….But I’ll tell you, it’s even redder today at work….almost purple and the kids pulling/scratching on me feels weird. I don’t like it. But it’s my own fault. Frig, I usually feel when I get too much sun….not this time. ack.

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