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Almost Pointless Ramble

Well, here I am again…..sitting here listening to John play the guitar. 🙂 Man, I missed that and never realized it. Another month come and gone. Man, how time flies. It’s unreal. I’m leaving for school in less than 4 months now. There is so much to take care of before then and money to save. I’ll go crazy before then I’m sure. My only hope of staying sane….well semi-sane…..is the centre to stay open until at least the end of June or so. Then at least I’d have my financial situation pretty much all under control. Huge weights will lift off my shoulder then.

I had such a great weekend and it had to be ruined by Sunday turning into Monday…..hahahaha. I haven’t been out dancing in a long time and hanging out with Peter, Carli, and John was just what the Dr. ordered. At least now I know for sure that Pete, John and I can live together. He doesn’t find my best friend annoying, he likes to dance, plays drinking checkers, and easy to talk to. And the real kicker is, Peter witnessed a mini-temper tantrum a-la-laura and didn’t think I was a bitch or a complete wingnut. It was a sour few hours for me, but I got over it. haha We have an apartment pretty much lined up so it’ll be nice once it’s a confirmed thing.

Well, the gym kicked my ass tonight so I’m off to bed. Catch you later.

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