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April Fool’s

Again today I have no voice. 🙁 It’s so difficult to not speak and to be home doing nothing for yet another day. I will go crazy…well crazier….if my voice doesn’t come back to full strength soon. Of all times for me to lose it. I don’t like to depend on people this much.


  • There are now just 16 days until my birthday 🙂 Think presents! haha j/k
  • I have applied to attend UNB in the fall to pick up a few psych courses since I’ve decided that I do want to become a Childlife Specialist. I’ll just get my psych degree since it’ll take me just the year. I may opt to take the courses distance from Acadia though, it all depends on the job situation come September .;)
  • My Mom had her surgery on the 30th. She is on the road to recovery. Should be out of the hospital in the next few days. Take care, Mom!

I now have floor seats for Avril Lavigne in Moncton in September!! 🙂 Laugh if you want, but I don’t care.

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