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Birthday 09

Well, another birthday has gone to pass and it was a good, well make that great, weekend. So as I sit here enjoying my last piece of birthday cake, I reflect.

It may have gotten off to a bumpy start but it can’t be helped sometimes. Some people are just strange and frustrate me. J did try to make the best of it for me though since it is the first year we are alone on our birthdays.  We went out to grab some food and drinks, I got a phone call from my Mom and my brother in BC and watched playoff hockey.  It was sweet. We were going to go out to My Office and/or the Buckle but we never made it. Truth be told I might have had a little break down about the whole lotta suck AB has sometimes. But then we opted to shop and go pub hopping in Cowtown the next night.

It was great! We got the hangers we needed, that were sold out in the Hat. Yes turning 28 didn’t stop me from being a dork. I’m excited about hangers. Beautiful wooden hangers that were on 2 for 1. We got over 100 and only had to pay like 10 bucks. It was sweet. I was able to get my Vanilla from Williams-Sonoma. I was running low and I wasn’t sure the next time we are going to be there. And I was able to get some “new” Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. It’s organic. Made from Organic vanilla beans. Not that I normally buy organic stuff but I thought, what they hay…might as well…what’s the harm…it’s going to taste the same…and it was only $.30. Nothing to scoff at. Again, proves I’m a dork. I get excited over the littlest things.  We went on a hunt for Keith’s White since Tanya had bought some the day before. But we went to the same liquor store and they were sold out so J had to settle for his JD.  I also went on a hunt for clothes and found nothing!  Nothing that caught my eye. It sucked. I need clothes in a bad way.

We went to eat at a place on MacLeod (an “Atlantic” bar) and GUESS WHAT!?! They sold Chris Brothers deep-fried pepperoni!  It was sweet. 🙂  They did overcook it a smidge but it was the right pepperoni and had the right honey-mustard sauce. It was so nice. We thought we might run back there later that evening to hear some East Coast tunes but it never happened. We ended up elsewhere. And it was fun!

We went to J’s cousins and talked and had a few drinks and then headed down to 17th. We hit up 3 separate pubs/bars/whatever you want to call them. Lots of drinks, lots of shots, lots of laughs. We met up with one of J’s old friends from high school and some of his friends. It was nice to be around people who “knew” us…well know J more so but know the past. Know who we are. What we stand for. Where we come from. You know all that good stuff that comes from being a Maritimer. It was much needed and was just what the Dr. prescribed.

We woke up bright and early and it sucked. We only got to bed at 20 to 4am. And were up before 9. So I was exhausted and my body was still processing what went on the night before. lol I didn’t get sick if that’s what you are thinking. I just felt so tired that I was off. We got some Rotten Ronnie’s and headed back to the Hat. I slept until the half way mark and then everything was coming up roses. I was no longer so tired that I couldn’t see straight.

So we got back and I ate more ice cream cake and relaxed with hubby until bed time… work comes early in the am. But I just had to touch base and update everyone. I’ll post pictures once I “process” them.

Best part of it all, there was a co-worker today that asked me what I’ve done differently with my looks. She has been trying to figure it out since Monday because there is something different. She knows it’s not the braces. She thought it was my hair. Nope. She kept focusing on my eyes….thought it was makeup…new eyebrow shaping…nope to both. I honestly think it’s just that I didn’t look weary and was fully content once again. It was just that I had a great weekend with great people and it shows. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😛

Ok there is another best part that I forgot to tell you about. We were walking to the Ship from Tanya’s place and saw someone on the corner playing guitar with her dog. J and I turned to each other and said I know her/she looks familiar. But we kept walking. After a few drinks and deciding to go to another bar, Tanya and J approached her to say “My cousin thinks he knows you from Moncton”.  She proceeded to tell us yep, she is from Moncton and played in Robinson court or whatever it’s called a lot. J and I used to see her outside the bar all the time and J has probably given her quite a bit of money in his time.  She dug out her cd and gave it to J. She wouldn’t take his money though. She said it was her hobby and she has a job so just take the cd. So there was another random moment of the weekend.

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