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Busy day ahead

So yesterday wasn’t productive like I had wanted it to be. Everything I had planned got foiled somehow.

Unpack the stuff for the last shelf. I couldn’t because the dust here is like fine silt and it won’t “dust”. I needed a polish or something that I didn’t have.

Laundry. Had to wait until today because I wanted to wash the clothes John and I had on and the weather was supposed to be nicer today. Therefore, cut the drying time in half.

Bake cookies. Only 1 egg. Every cookie recipe I own calls for 2 eggs. So that was a no go.

But I did manage to get my hair cut and get groceries so it wasn’t a total loss.

So today is going to be the day. Do all that plus pack for our trip. Hull a huge heap of strawberries. And probably other stuff that eludes me at the moment.

But there you have it.

It’s a quarter to nine and I’m off to the races.

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