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Drink Green Beer!

It’s St. Paddy’s Day!! :paddys:

A day devoted to drinking and celtic music. :cheers: This is right down my alley! I don’t know if we’ll end up going out or not because I’d imagine Dolan’s will be crazy busy. Plus, John can’t go anyways…but if we do go, he said it’s ok because he’ll probably just need to sleep anyways. So we’ll see. Meghan and I are going to mix drinks with sourpuss….lots tastes good with it. 7up, Blue Curaco with cranberry juice or 7up or coke!

I have a great shirt and an awesome crown Meghan got for me. Definitely going to break that out. John is all decked out…Kiss Me I’m Irish Tee-shirt, green shorts, and a 4-leaf clover on his cast! He’s ready…minus the green beer. hehe

So here’s to Liz Doyle’s favourite day of the year and ERIN GO BRAUGH! :drunk:

PS – It’s only 1 MONTH until my birthday! 😉


  • Melissa Duffy

    Remeber when all you guys went down town for St.Patricks day and I had to stay behind because I was to young. BOOOOO to that. Now Iam old enough to go out and sometimes I forget that the hangover is not so good the next day. Well I hope you had fun whatever you did tonight and I think all of us at the mount on the 8th floor have a little piece of Liz in our hearts tonight. I wish John his recouperation.

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