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For all that is good and sane in this world…

Please cut us some slack!!! :@ Can’t we just have something good happen without having the other shoe drop? Everytime we come into a little bit of extra money something happens. Same with Visa…when it’s at zero something always springs up. We are not meant to have good luck. We should have known something was going to happen because we came into a little extra money AND our visa is balanced!!  PLUS, we have an appt. on Monday to have our car examined and fixed…the shake issue and the on and off little leak we’ve been experiencing with the coolant.

Now, driving today the car was running great! All of a sudden the thermometre spikes to *way to hot* and I pull over immediately. Steam coming from under the hood. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman we have a coolant leak! A big one that left us on the side of the road for almost 2 hours and now we are quite a bit poorer (and we haven’t even had the car looked at or fixed now). Man, can’t we just have a normal existence??? A chance to relax and DO NOTHING on break if we so choose. I guess not, fate has something else in mind or something. Bah. Go away. :p

We were only 15 minutes away from home too to make matters just slightly worse. We were almost there. So close yet so far!

Then on top of that we had to deal with Rogers Wireless. :@ Why did we do this to ourselves you ask? Well, we just wanted to verify what our plan included and entailed…we changed it less than a week ago and wanted to make sure of charges and whatnot before making too many calls. Well, by the luck of the draw we seem to get the biggest Ontario snob. She put us on hold forever to go and check our acct. Comes back to tell us that what we were told last Sunday is not the plan we have. John tries to explain to her what we were told and that we want the plan that we had signed up for.  She told him that there has never been “between us calling b/w couples phones.” We told her that yea you did because we have always had it and up until that minute believed we still had it. She said we didn’t have any of the long distance we had been promised either. Then John asked her what province she was looking at for plans because we had this problem the other week. She wouldn’t answer his question and got quite rude with him. Then proceeds to put him on hold for at least 8 minutes. When she finally comes back, he tells her that he wants to speak to her supervisor….no wait, I want to speak to customer relations to cancel my cell phone service. Off we go to another department. This woman was awesome! She told us our plan and it was the original one we believed we had. Bittersweet victory. We are now 20 mins+ into what should have been a 5 minute courtesy call and this first rude girl was WRONG and we were RIGHT. :p

So this women fixes everything then once she learns this is going to be our primary phone (no houseline) she gives us a deal on long distance minutes and removes the charges for our acct. So now we have free long distance on our phone. Man, a long story (that was very aggravating for us) that should have only been a 5 minute blip in our lifespan.But that girl will get her come-upins too because John made a complaint on how he was treated by this other girl and if he was ever spoken to that rudely again when he was polite, he will be leaving Rogers. She will be repremanded….even if she’s actually not, to hear that is a pleasant thought. So Rogers, please don’t make things hard on us anymore please! That would be much appreciated.

Also, did I mention John is as sick as a dog. Cough, sore sinuses, fever, sore throat, etc etc. It came on all of a sudden but I’m going to try and make him feel better soon so we can enjoy the week. He’s never been so sick as he has been this school year and it’s rather aggravating!!!

So yea, that is the first day of our Spring Break. Hopefully this doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the time. It can only get better right?! :thumbsup:

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  • Jillian

    :sorry: i hope things get better, give me a call tomorrow , we totally can do something without christian….lol…too bad we couldnt hang out tonight but i understand…

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