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What kind of person am I…

I wonder. I am taking joy in someone else’s failure…well not exactly failure but y’know. That’s not who I am at all! It’s not someone I want to be. However, every time I hear about them through the grapevine and they aren’t doing so well I almost feel smug. :$ I feel horrible about it but how can I change my feelings.

People always say you can’t change who you love, etc etc so maybe I can’t change how I feel about this person. I don’t like admitting it but I hope others feel like this sometimes too. I know it’s probably human nature to feel smug when something not so good happens to someone who burned you or whatever but how to make it go away but to almost take solace in it doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe I don’t want it to go away either. Maybe I like this superior feeling as bad as this might sound.

It’s almost like a young kid….you made me feel bad so I want you to feel bad. I don’t know what this post is supposed to accomplish but it’s all out there.


  • Melissa

    You know as much as people might not want to admit it everyone feels the same way you do at one time or another. You are allowed to feel whatever way you want. I guess it is up to you how you show your feelings. You can still feel the way you feel and be a big person about it. But who am I to talk about that… you and I both know that I am nasty and would laugh in their face and rub it in. I would like ot say that I am not like that now but I still have people that as much as I don’t want to admit it I would like to. Just hold your head up high and keep smirkinh from the inside.

  • Lisa Boutilier

    I think that it is human nature to attempt to creat a hiarchy, preferably with ourselves on top. Think about it…government, kingdoms, corporation, organizations. there is always someone on top. As long as we can see ourselves at a higher level then someone else it is reassuring that we are making better choices and have more power. Frankly, I find it impossible not to be smug when someone who has scorned me gets screwed or has made a name for themselves as a twit. I think that as long as we are able to see the good in as many people as possible, can laught at ourselves, learn from our mistakes and congratulate others when they do a good job that a little smugness every now and then is not going to kill you.. :thumbsup:

  • Michelle

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This behavior is childish and unacceptable. To rejoice in the pain of others is to show the worst that the human spirit has to offer….. hahahaha, just kidding!! I think we all feel this way from time to time and it is always good for a chuckly. Ah, schadenfreude, you gotta love it!

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