2008,  TV Talk

Grey’s Night starts again

AND bring on the Office!!

I’m pumped and can’t wait. Wonder what it all holds!?!?!

I’m going to have to download one of them since they are both on at the same time. Maybe I’ll download both then I don’t have to deal with commercials.

Hrmm, that would be sweet.

I wouldn’t have to wait and wonder and deal with dumb commercials. Nor would have to waste 30+ minutes of my life.

Oh I can’t wait to see what happens.

The Office better come back as funny as it has been. I have no worries b/c Dwight and Jim together are perfection.


    • Laura

      I opted to download as well. I like it better that way. Watch it un-interrupted. PLUS, I wanted to go out for drinks with friends and the social life needed to out rule my tv schedule. lol

      • Meghan

        Hehe I’m impressed it beat out Grey’s 😛 I can just remember “sure you guys can watch csi, but if you call before, I won’t answer. If you ring the doorbell, I’ll kill you!” Hehe I only understood when I bought all the seasons last year!

        • Laura

          Yea I know. I can’t believe it beat out Grey’s. But it’s only because I don’t have good friends here yet…they wouldn’t understand like you do. hehe Give me a few more weeks and they will have to wait until Grey’s is done.

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