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Happy Birthday to the one I love ;)


That cute child with the elongated head is the man I have married. Wasn’t he just precious. It was exactly 26 years ago today. Ground Hogs day.

And no, before anyone asks he probably won’t see his shadow so winter should be leaving soon. Highly unlikely though. It’s supposed to be a messy weekend.

John already has his birthday presents from me early (& they are awesome if you ask me). The KFC and Jack will be another weekend….when we can celebrate with others. We would die of a heart attack if the 2 of us split a bucket. haha Our arteries would clog for sure.

A great present for John would be for the Leafs to win on tonight. It’s not something they have been doing too much of as late and it would be even sweeter as it would be against the Sens. (lol)

So three cheers for John. :vhappy:

Happy birthday, John!!! 🙂


  • Jillian

    Hope you had a great day even without the KFC……i love the graduation pic, i didnt get one done for social work at dal, didnt see the point. still will get a grad ring though….omg laura i love the postings, it makes me feel better, sorry u had a hard week, i can certainly relate with working over 64 hrs a week, cant wait till this madness is over, we will have to have a big party or take a trip or something lol…

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