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This may go against my previous post but this is not what I meant by being prepared to follow through on your words. (lol) I’m rather appalled at what has been coming out of Ottawa the last month or so…well, since the playoffs started. A bet was made between a DJ (supposedly a die-hard T.O. fan…I’ll discuss that later) and the fans of the Ottawa Senators.

If the Senators made the Stanley Cup finals he would do three things:

  1. Shave his head and paint the sides red – whatever people do bets like that all the time
  2. Belly dance on a main street or something – that’s cool…I’d be amused
  3. This is where the fun/coolness falls off the track – Ottawa Senators Fans get to pee all over his Doug Gilmour Jersey. Yes, I said pee…as in urinate.

First off, that’s disgusting. Grown men pulling out the schlongs in public to pee on this guys prized Dougie jersey. This is shameful. There is no way this guy can be a die-hard Leafs fan. No die-hard leafs fan would, or should ever, make a bet that involves defecating on something prized. Especially Doug Gilmour, he was a class act. It’s not like it’s a Tie Domi jersey even…that would still be gross and wrong but maybe more understandable by others. At least Domi was/is hated. There is no way this guy is the fan he says he is.

He says he’s going through with it because a bet is a bet and you can’t say no. They said they did it to stop him from making a drastic bet that is dangerous or unobtainable but really, desecrating a guys jersey in public isn’t drastic?! That’s open for debate.

The radio station could have very easily stopped this shananagins that is going to happen tomorrow but it’s in Ottawa so they all find it very amusing. However, this could have backlash. I’ve even read Senators fans condemning this action because it’s totally uncalled for and it just adds to the “classless Sens fans” stereotype. I agree completely. It doesn’t take class to come out and pee on something, that’s for sure. They are expecting a big crowd at that too…that says something.

Uh guys, the Leafs didn’t even make the playoffs…why still focus on them? Are you that childish? Shouldn’t the focus be elsewhere? Shouldn’t the pee be on a jersey that matters this playoff season?!? This bet has problems and is disgusting. It won’t make me like the Senators that’s for sure. 😉

I agree with the guy who said, “As for urinating on Gilmour’s jersey, that is a sacrilege and he will burn in hell for it.”

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