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If people don’t mean what they say…

…they shouldn’t say it. I just get annoyed with the cavalier fashion people have with the words that come out of their mouths. In order to be taken seriously and not to make want to plug your mouth with an old sock when you are talking you should be truthful and prepared to back your words up with the action that corresponds.

The same rules I have for disciplining children apply here. There are 3 things, well there are more than that, but if you want kids to listen/behave you should remember these three words: communication, credibility, and consistency. Without all three no one will take you seriously, even kids.

Nothing worse than using “if/then” statements and especially when you say “If so and so says that again I will kick his a$$.” Be prepared to back those “if/then” statements up. No sense saying it if you can’t follow through. However, it has been proven that if/then statements aren’t effective anyways. It just tells the kids to continue what they are doing, think about it. “If you stop poking your brother then we will go to the mall” or “If you don’t stop poking your brother I’ll take your teddy away.” So the kids hears, I can keep poking my brother. Take the teddy and that means I can keep poking or I don’t want to go to the mall anyways so I can keep poking. :p Logic is right….think about it. hehe

You lose credibility when you say things and then don’t act on them. Just remember that. You look like a monkeys uncle.

Where did this come from? I’m not exactly sure. I’ve just got a set of the cranks or something. I was thinking all last week and finally found the time to sit down and free associate and this is what came out. I’ve maybe officially lost it.

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