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I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the Memo

So look closely. Look what I woke up to at 9am.

Look closely...see what I woke up to

We’ve never had wet snow before today. lol How on Earth does it go from 27 to snow overnight?! So strange. The snow has stopped though. It was supposed to rain and for some reason it snowed wet snow at 2°C and now it has stopped but still. Weather in AB is so weird.


Our poor trees. I was shocked. They are probably shocked. Hopefully they don’t shrivel up and die. Then we saw how droopy the branches are because it’s actually wet snow so J jumps out of bed to shake the off the trees. Hopefully no branches are broken.

Doesn't Mother Nature know it's June?!

Nope, none are broken. But will all the rain yesterday and the dampness of today it made our desert back yard into a mucky swamp. Poor J. Didn’t think it would be that wet and he only wore sandals. BIG mistake. It’s cold on his feet and he’s sinking. So now we will have his tracks in our backyard until we put down some topsoil and lay sod. It’ll be our reminder of the strange weather in June.


I’m sure Carli is getting enjoyment out of this since we’ve been getting hot, beautiful weather for weeks now. It’s kind of my pay back but it’s a-ok with me because it won’t stay long and I’m bound to the couch anyways.

Since I started this blog it has stopped snowing and turned to rain. But man, it was so weird. So enjoy it while you can Carli.


    • LJ

      I know, it’s like 9 days and I can’t wait!!

      I’m shocked at the weather here…it went from 27c to snow overnight and then back to decent a few hours later. So strange. I never thought the weather could be weirder outside of the Maritimes!

    • LJ

      You better be careful, or karma will come back on you and I’ll take this whacky weather with me!! After all, the Alberta clipper landed in NS when I did back in January…

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